Wednesday, 29 December 2010


'And if a day goes by without my
doing something photography
related, it's as though I've
neglected something essential
to my existense, as though I had
forgotten to wake up. I know that
the accident of my being a
photographer has made my life
possible.' - Richard Avedon

When I was younger, I never understood how people could become so consumed by there work, whether it was office work, music, fine arts or photography, But now, after having studied the subject for the last few years I've really learnt the true art form and creative outlet that is photography. I love the fact that I am able to set up different artistic senarios in my head and then with some planning, set up and my trusty Red Pentax or my Cannon EOS, I am able to capture these images and present to those who want to see and share my art work. I may not be shooting every day, but all the time I am seeing new things, new inpirations, which give me new ideas from which I can create new work.



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